Privacy Policy

What information do we collect ?

ABLOLS, as an entertainment and article website, collect information such as emails when people choose to become subscribers. Not that we do not go out of our way to automatically assign you to an email. You will need to opt-in and want to become an the subscriber before we email you ant articles. Also note that we do let all users opt out if they chose to do so at any time with unsubscribe buttons available from the emails.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

We partner with Google and the Google Adsense program. Google are by far the most trusted source for advertising online. The billion dollar company has the best security out of any company and you can always trust ads coming from Google.

Many people are concerned about privacy. As such, as are obliged to let you know about the DART Cookie. These cookies are working behind the scenes on behalf of Google to collect data base on what sites you visit. This information will then ping back to the advertising machines and issue you with the most relevant ads possible that Google thinks you might be interested in. Your data is not collected for any other reason.

The DART Cookie cannot collect any person information about you. It has no idea who you are. All information it collect is from other websites you visit. For example, if you visit website about furniture, the DART cookie will notice the and you might see ad advertisement about furniture in the near future if there are any ads relating to furniture available at the time.

Do we use cookies?

Our personal brand does not use cookies. All cookies that might be in place are coming from advertisers such as Google and the Google Adsense program. You can opt out of accepting cookies by visiting the setting in your browser. For more information about the DART Cookie , visit Google’s own pages. If you still feel like you want to discontinue of the DART cookies you may visit the Google ad network privacy policy at the following url Tracking of your DART cookie is Google’s own privacy policy and we don’t own any authority over it.

Other Partners

In addition to Google Adsense, we use other publishing partners to help deliver content for you needs. Other companies include  Taboola, Content Ad, RevContent and,underdogmedia .

Children’s Online Privacy Proctection Act Compliance

We comply with the requirement of COPPA (Childrens Online privacy Protection Act). That means we do not collect any information from children under the age of 13 years. Everything you find on this website from products and services is directed at people who are teenagers or older

Contact US

Your question and concerns about this privacy statement will be read at You can also email us on this email address regarding any general query, feedback, or advertising opportunities.
This privacy policy was modified on September 26, 2016.