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15 Horrifying Photos Taken Seconds Before Accidents (15 Images)

Due to curiosity, people do different kinds of things which they are not quite safe to do in the first place. As a result, tragedy occurs quite often. People are drawn towards accidents in the process. There is no doubt in the fact that talking about death is disheartening. However, by reading these stories, it […]

Perfectly Timed Sports Moments (19 Images)

Inspired By Life Synchronized swimming from the Olympics gives us plenty of camera moments. Those looking for captures that will set the eye rolling, can find plenty of such moments if they can get themselves a seat in the first row. Armed with a camera, they can shoot these ladies dressed in swimwear and caps […]

19 Celebrity Photos That Almost Broke the Internet (19 Images)

Today, Internet has become a platform from where you can collect information about diverse kinds of things whether it is connected to games, entertainment or communication. Internet has changed the way we function completely. It has become quite easy now to connect with the people. Even we can get information about our dearest celebrities also. […]